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    Achieve Your Ideas.

    Expanded investments in Taiwan
    Increased employment opportunities for Taiwanese technicians

    Founded in 1996, 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 has been focusing on connectors for 20 years. 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 has been focusing on the development of high-end precision connectors and the design and manufacture of precision molds in this period of time. 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 also has the ability for vertical product integration covering R&D design, mold development, plastic injection molding, terminal and other metal stamping, assembly jig and finished goods assembly; 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 has invested quite a number of equipment, capital and manpower. 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 has been growing according to its business vision step by step in this period of time; its demands and persistence over product technology and service not only won customer recognition but also created its own small stage.

    In 2010, 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 decided to set up a factory with "precision work center (PWC)" and R&D center; as a matter of fact, this may be one of the few connector industry investments in Taiwan in recent years. 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 expects to build its own technology center in Taiwan, focusing on product and mold development, and hopes to cultivate excellent product development, precision mold design and manufacturing talents and create macro technology through Taiwan's rich technical human resources. 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 is to root in Taiwan while creating hundreds of job opportunities. Each year, it joins multiple head hunting programs aimed at campuses, defense forces, industry and university cooperation programs and alternative military service to provide those new into the society with more employment channels, attract more talents to the platform for them to grow, give these outstanding people opportunities to realize their dreams, as well as to expand 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址's products and technologies to all over the world.