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    Achieve Your Ideas.

    Board of Directors

    Director and supervisor

  • Title
    Career path and education
  • Chairman
    Yuan Wanding
    Master of Business Administration, National Central University
    EMBA, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, China
    Manager, MOLEX (Taiwan)
  • Independent director
    Li Anqian
    Master of Power Machinery Engineering Institute, National Tsinghua University
    Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
    Vice President, School of Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
    Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
  • Independent director
    Liao Dali
    Accounting Department, National Chengchi University
    General Manager, Hon Tai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Director
    Wei Ji Investment Co., Ltd.
    Representative: Huang Wencheng
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
    Master of Business Administration, National Chengchi University
    General Manager, China Motor Corporation
    Chairman, ARTC
  • Supervisor
    Wei Qilin
    Doctor of Economics, University of Paris, France
    Master of Management, University of London, UK
    Chairman, Land Bank of Taiwan
    Secretary general of the Executive Yuan
    Director, Institute of International Business, NTU
  • Supervisor
    Cai Shujuan
    Law Department, NTU
    IS-Law Law Firm
  • Supervisor
    Xu Changyu
    Department of Foreign Languages, NCHU
    雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 supervisor
  • Important resolutions

    Performance appraisal

    雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 assesses its Board of Directors according to the "Board of Directors Assessment Guidelines" at the end of each year. The scope of the assessment contains the entire board and individual directors; assessment results are quantified according to assessment criteria and presented in the most recent board meeting.
    Board of directors’ performance evaluation criteria

    Participation in company operations

    Improve board decision making quality

    Board composition and structure

    Selection and continuing education

    Internal Control

    Criteria of directors' performance evaluation

    Control company goals and tasks

    Awareness about responsibility

    Participation in company operations

    Internal relationship management & communication

    Director's professionalism and advancement

    Internal Control

    Scoring in five grades: excellent, good, fair, acceptable, improvements required; overall performance grade in 2018: excellent.
    Diversity policy and implementation

    According to Article 20 of the Corporate Governance Code, 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 board of directors shall be composed of five or more directors in consideration of the scale of the company and the shares of its major shareholders.

    The composition of the board of directors should be diversified and appropriate diversification policies set up according to its own operation, operational type and development needs including, but not limited to the following two standards:
  • Basic
    And value

    Gender, age, race

  • Professional
    And skills

    Professional background, professional skills and industry experience.

  • Board directors should have the knowledge, skills and literacy necessary to perform their duties. In order to achieve the ideal goal of corporate governance, the overall ability of the board of directors should be as follows:
  • 1. Operating judgment capability

  • 2. Financial analysis capabilities

  • 3. Management capabilities

  • 4. Crisis management

  • 5. Industrial knowledge

  • 6. International perspective

  • 7. Leadership

  • 8. Decision making capabilities

  • See below for diversified composition of 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 board of directors:
  • Director's name
    Operational judgment capabilities
    Accounting and financial analysis capabilities
    Operation and management capabilities
    Crisis management capabilities
    Industrial knowledge
    International market perspective
    Decision-making capacity
  • Yuan Wanding
  • Huang Wencheng
  • Li Anqian
  • Liao Dali
  • △:Partial ability

    Communication between independent directors and chief internal auditor and CPA

    I. Ways of communication between independent directors and chief internal auditor
    1. The audit supervisor and CPAs may review with the independent directors and maintain good communication in between.
    2. In addition to monthly audit reports, the chief auditor shall report important business status of 雷竞技raybet app_雷竞技网站_雷竞技下载网址 and its subsidiaries to the independent directors in the annual forum to ensure the latter's knowledge about implementation and performance of audit operations of this company.
    3. CPAs shall report to the independent directors on the results and findings over the financial statements in annual forum.

    II. See below for communications between the independent directors and the chief internal auditor and CPAs:
  • Date
    Reporting and communication matters
    Suggestions and results
  • 107/8/23
    I. Accountant: things to communicate with the governance unit<
    1. In Q2 2017, CPA independence and accountability as well as key responsibility adjustment entries
    2. Recent findings and suggestions
    3. Key check items
    4. Challenges in the future
    5. Important securities and tax relevant regulation update
    No objections
  • 107/8/23
    II. Report by the auditor office
    Internal audit business execution situation
    No objections